Friday August 12th

1830 - Welcome buffet and drinks

Allow us to welcome you to Castelnau des Fieumarcon, our very own private village, for the start of a weekend of celebrations! Food and drinks will be served on one of the lawns overlooking the stunning countryside of Gascony. Meet friends old and new, relax and take in the sunset ahead of the big day.  While we will provide welcome drinks, guests are kindly asked to bring drinks for the night and to enjoy at their leisure throughout the weekend.

Saturday August 13th

Guests are free to spend the morning and the build up to the wedding ceremony as they wish, relaxing in the village or exploring the local area.

1600 - Wedding ceremony at Castelnau des Fieumarcon

The big moment!  It is our honour that you will join us for a very special outdoor ceremony (we pray the sun god is on our side) at our fortified village surrounded by romantic, sprawling French countryside.

To be followed by a joyful meal, drinks and an unforgettable night-long party.

(You may also want to brush up on your Swedish snaps songs here)

Sunday August 14th

1400 - Sharing Picnic

Some guests might want to explore the local area on this day, but for those in the mood for relaxing in the village we will be organising a sharing picnic in the afternoon.  We ask everyone able to make this to contribute to a casual feast of food & drink in the gardens of Castelnau des Fieumarcon to take us into our final evening together. We will co-ordinate food as best we can, but guests are encouraged to share food and drink. Remember, we are in the land of The Three Musketeers - 

"One for all and all for one"

Monday August 15th

Check out from the village is at 11am. While we will be very sad to wave you off, we're sure you will have provided us with memories to last a lifetime.